The Snake | Uni-Colour


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Lasercut puzzle pieces of Artificial Leather (A.L.), Neoprene spacer fabric (NEO) or Scuba fabric (SCUBA). Put together by hand like a puzzle, without the use of stitches or glue.
Lightweight & Washable on 30°C, by hand or in a laundrybag. Remove the lasercut acrylic anchor closure before washing. Dry flat, no ironing needed.

Each puzzle piece in your design can be replaced! Which makes it a durable design that you can enjoy and upgrade like you would with your favourite pair of shoes!
All items have a ‘Free of charge repair’ warranty of 1 year (excl. shipping). Repairs after that period it varies between €5,- and €15,- for common wear and tear.  
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The technique of the ‘Iris Nijenhuis’ collection is constantly evolving, therefore minor adjustments can be applied to ensure better design.
Please feel free to give feedback on the wearability and durability of your piece.


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A.L>Black, A.L>Iceblue, A.L>Mustard, A.L>Navy, A.L>Offwhite, A.L>Titanium, SCUBA>Aqua, SCUBA>Aqua Velvet, SCUBA>Beige, SCUBA>Brique, SCUBA>Copper, SCUBA>Fuchsia, SCUBA>Fuchsia Velvet, SCUBA>Gold, SCUBA>Green, SCUBA>Lila, SCUBA>Metallic blue, SCUBA>Metallic green, SCUBA>Metallic purple, SCUBA>Metallic rust, SCUBA>Mint, SCUBA>Nude, SCUBA>OceanBlue Velvet, SCUBA>Ocher, SCUBA>Offwhite, SCUBA>Purple Shimmer, SCUBA>Silver, SOFTSHELL>Cobalt, SOFTSHELL>Magenta, SOFTSHELL>Neonpink, SOFTSHELL>Red

Wrist size

Large (18,5 cm), Medium (17 cm), Small (15,5 cm), XL (20 cm), XXL (21,5 cm)